The Listening Room is our mobile, agile testing lab

The Listening Room gives you the opportunity to see and hear your users while you’re developing. Watch and listen as your website is tested in real-time. Tests are recorded and measured to produce valuable, quantifiable feedback for improving your interface.

Results: faster development • increased user loyalty • higher conversion rate

The Testing Lab

In a quiet, comfortable environment, the User is asked by a facilitator to perform a series of tasks on your website. Our software watches their face, tracks their mouse trails and clicks, measures the time it takes to complete tasks and records success or failure. The facilitator asks follow up questions such as what the user expected to happen and why they clicked.

The Observatory

The Observatory allows up to ten people from your team to watch the action. On a large screen, you’re able to view the user’s browser window as well as their face. You can see first-hand where the user mouses, where and when they click and also the emotion registered on their face as they hit points of frustration or delight. Our usability experts notate task success or failure, user observations and notable user quotes. Sessions are recorded for later playback and reference.

The Green Room

We make sure everyone has a good experience. A Flux team member is always on hand to assist you and your users. Our team greets participants, acclimates them to the area, pays their incentive after testing is over, and answers any questions. The testing assistant is also available to help your group. We handle the logistics so that you can focus on observing the sessions and they relay follow up questions your team has for the user to the Testing Lab.